Ridge prefers to be outside the tent. Or so we found out after he chewed through it … #besthikeswithdogs

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Most appropriate #hiking and #backpacking music for the Trail? You decide. The laugh out loud podcast is here … https://ift.tt/2ts3Drg

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Shadow says it’s time for a drink #besthikeswithdogs

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#Hiking apps and planning tools are the latest topic on the #N2Backpacking podcast. Episode 72 and my conversation with Victoria Livschitz from #RightOnTrek is here …

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Our planned overnight #backpacking trip for this weekend appears to be in jeopardy.

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Happy Holidays! #besthikeswithdogs

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Mastering the Trick of Choosing the Right Treats for Your Dogs

You’ve probably found yourself in this situation once or twice: walking up and down the pet aisles, looking for that perfect treat to give your dog. You look at one pack after the other, trying to find treats that you think your pet will really like. Of course, if you already know what your pet […]

Great thing about working for a Colorado company … getting Friday off for “Get Outside Day”! Our campsite on the #ChattoogaRiver this weekend. Bonus – we had fall temps in the middle of June!

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View from the top of Round Bald in TN. That is the #AppalachianTrail heading northbound ahead.

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Walking in to the Turtle Bluff Campsite at #PineMountainState Park. #BestHIkesWithDogs

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