Hardworking #AppalachianTrail volunteers now have the green light to resume Trail maintenance. Yeah! https://ift.tt/2BlCg65 https://ift.tt/2BQntR2

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Ever eat Honey Buns while #backpacking on the #AppalachianTrail? Dietary nutritionist Aaron Owens Mayhew tell us some mistakes #backpackers make with food in the backcountry and how to eat right. Episode 76 is here https://ift.tt/2Z5YR05

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#DonCarterStatePark is Georgia’s newest. Very impressed with this place. Stayed at one of their walk-in campsites last evening and hit the beach.

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Warm sleeping bag + comfy sleeping pad = happy dog

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Happy Earth Day – from a recent trip to Sassafras Mountain near the #AppalachianTrail in Georgia. Go Earth!

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Every wonder what it’s like running a camp 1/10th of a mile from the #AppalachianTrail in #Maine? Tim Harrison tells us about his 35 years serving #hikers and #backpackers in the remote wilderness. https://ift.tt/2KnbQC8

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Tough Times & Sassafras Mountain – a photo journal of our March trip to the #AppalachainTrail in North Georgia. https://ift.tt/2z6uFH4

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Ridge prefers to be outside the tent. Or so we found out after he chewed through it … #besthikeswithdogs

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Most appropriate #hiking and #backpacking music for the Trail? You decide. The laugh out loud podcast is here … https://ift.tt/2ts3Drg

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Shadow says it’s time for a drink #besthikeswithdogs

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