About Us

Do you own a dog?  Do you like to hike and backpack?  Then this site is for you.  It is designed for the backcountry explorer who enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping in the wilderness with a canine companion.  There are articles, books, forums and hikes here to help you plan your next backcountry adventure and to find the best hikes for dogs regardless of where you live.

If your pup is like mine, he shakes with energy as soon as you pull into the trailhead. Rain or shine, our four-legged friend is always ready – eager to get off the couch, out of the house, and hit the trail. He rarely complains, will swim any stream, stop at any vista, and go any distance. Walk with him, play with him, care for him, and he’ll gladly curl up beside you at the campfire – snoring in your ear throughout the night.

We have hiked many miles with our canine friend and taken him on countless day and overnight trips. Sometimes we carry packs, and other times we enjoy the freedom of traveling light. This site is designed for dog-lovers like us who enjoy the wilderness and want to share the experience with their pet.

There is no better moment for a dog than a day spent with their owner experiencing the sites, smells, tastes and sounds of the great outdoors. There is something primeval about the wilderness and both man and dog know it. So click through the site, search for some Best Hikes With Dogs, find pet friendly accommodations, and discover new adventures right out of your back door. What are you waiting for?  Your trail hound is ready, aren’t you?