Best Hikes With Dogs – Western Washington

Book Description
From the popular Mountaineers Books series, Best Hikes With Dogs – this is the book that covers Western Washington and the City of Seattle.

  • Includes 85 dog-friendly trails on a variety of fun and challenging terrain (day hikes & backpacking trips)
  • Crammed with tips on hiking with dogs, their special needs, and more (like what to include in your doggie first-aid kit)
  • Details trail length, elevation, time, trail etiquette, impact, and more
  • The only dog-specific hiking guide in the Pacific Northwest
  • Done right, hiking with your dog is just plain fun…done wrong, it’s a miserable experience for both of you
  • This book helps make sure you do it right so its enjoyable for all.

Now hikers can find the best dog-friendly hiking trails in western Washington. Author Dan Nelson provides information about leash laws, hiking methods most suitable for different-sized dogs, and how to choose routes where your dog will be least likely to disturb other hikers. Fun factor included, of course! All in Best Hikes With Dogs Western Washington.

These hikes are as varied as the hikers and their dogs. You’ll find hikes from easy three-mile trips, such as Twin Falls, to a nine-mile hike on Blankenship Meadows Ramble. Discover Poodle Dog Pass and Dog Lake, too! Dramatic landscapes with awe-inspiring peaks, alpine meadows, wilderness lakes, and tumbling creeks are sure to please.

About The Guidebook Series
Best Hikes With Dogs is a guidebook series published by the Mountaineers Books, a non-profit organization located in Seattle, Washington. The series includes nearly 20 books focused on dog-friendly hiking and backpacking trips – many of which are located only a short distance from major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. To find a book in your area, follow one of the links below ….

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