Best Hikes With Dogs – Arizona

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From the popular Mountaineers Books series, Best Hikes With Dogs – this is the book that covers the State of Arizona:

·75 dog-suitable trails throughout the state-many accessible from urban areas
·How to keep your dog safe, healthy, and hydrated in Arizona’s arid climate
·What to pack for your pooch: the Ten Canine Essentials and the doggy first aid kit

Renée Guillory and her canine companions, Artemis and Sparky, have hiked more than 700 miles together in Arizona. Now they share their favorite trails, presented through dog-centric eyes. On most trails, you’ll encounter few people to dodge. Most hikes offer shade, if not water, to help keep your dog cool in extreme Arizona conditions. They emphasize terrain that’s easy on the paws and give advance warning, trail by trail, on canine hazards to watch for. There are also tips on dealing with canine emergencies and for hiking with minimum dog-impact on the environment.

Ranging from short day hikes to extended backpacking trips, many trails included are clustered around urban areas including Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona/Prescott, and other communities in Mogollon Rim country. There are hikes in Best Hikes With Dogs – Arizona as far-flung as the Mexican border and in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. Be sure to check out these Arizona pet friendly motels that can accommodate both you and your canine while you are exploring the state.

About The Guidebook Series
Best Hikes With Dogs is a guidebook series published by the Mountaineers Books, a non-profit organization located in Seattle, Washington. The series includes nearly 20 books focused on dog-friendly hiking and backpacking trips – many of which are located only a short distance from major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. To find a book in your area, follow one of the links below ….

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