Best Hikes With Dogs – Nevada

Book Description
From the popular Mountaineers Books series, Best Hikes With Dogs – this is the book that covers the City of Las Vegas.

· 50 dog-suitable trails-all located within three hours of Sin City
· How to keep your dog safe, healthy, and hydrated in Nevada’s arid climate
· What to pack for your pooch: The Ten Canine Essentials and the doggy first aid kit

Whether your dog is new to proper trail etiquette, an experienced trail companion, or a senior dog who likes easy strolls, Kimberly Lewis and Paula Jacoby-Garrett have selected hikes in Best Hikes With Dogs – Nevada that are sure to delight every type of dog owner and their four-legged friends. The authors offer more than 20 years of combined hiking experience with their own dogs, and they look at the land through canine-centric eyes. Most of these trails are uncrowded, and include some shady respites-if not water, too-to help keep your dog cool in extreme Nevada conditions.

Ranging from short day hikes to extended backpacking trips, most trails are located in the Desert National Wildlife Range, Lake Mead and Spring Mountains National Recreation Areas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and Valley of Fire State Park. Also included is a Trail Finder chart that lists hikes by terrain, difficulty for dogs, leash regulations, and more.

About The Guidebook Series
Best Hikes With Dogs is a guidebook series published by the Mountaineers Books, a non-profit organization located in Seattle, Washington. The series includes nearly 20 books focused on dog-friendly hiking and backpacking trips – many of which are located only a short distance from major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. To find a book in your area, follow one of the links below ….

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