Even Hollywood Stars “Rock” Each Other's Backpacks

It seems that even Hollywood movie stars get their backpacks “rocked” by mischevious friends.  During the filming of Monuments Men which also stars John Goodman and Bill Murray, Actor George Clooney tricked his 'Monuments Men' co-star Matt Damon in to carrying a backpack that was filled with rocks during a gruelling hiking scene.  


Realbollywood.com reports that per Clooney's request the props guys filled Matt's backpack with solid metal bricks, which weighed about 50 pounds:

“The other people's packs had lightweight padding but Clooney told them to act as if they felt super heavy.

By the end of the day Damon was sweating profusely and after the scenes were canned, he dropped his pack, opened it and everyone burst out laughing when the metal bricks tumbled out. (ANI)”


So apparently you don't have to be a backpacker to enjoy that gag.  What's up next … the old “left handed smoke shifter” trick?  


Nicely played, George!


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