How To Buy Dog Gear For Your Hiking Dog

So, you’re welcoming a yelping, slobbering, panting and messy new member into the family? Congratulations! The next few months will be hard, but you’re all set to ride on the ride of a lifetime.

Just like babies, dogs come with a sense of anticipation. No two dogs are ever alike even within the same breed or same family. This is why it’s impossible to gauge what type of dog you’ll have when he first comes home. No matter what the breed of dog you’ve decided on, all dogs need almost the same basic gear with a few differences in size and shape.

The very first thing you’ll have to do after you’ve informed your family about the date the dog is going to arrive is to draw up a list of things you need for him, and then go shopping!

Shopping for a dog these days can be on the same scale as shopping for a baby. There’s just such an incredible variety of products on offer, you won’t know where to begin. In fact it’s perfectly natural to be overwhelmed by the extravagance of it all.

If you’re on a limited budget, you might not want to go splurging on things without gauging whether you really need it. This is why a proper list is of such importance. A dog feeder and water bowl, dog bed, tins of dog food, dog collar and leash are just some of the basics that your dog absolutely must have. Among these, there are type, size and price variations, and you’re better off buying something that’s sturdy and long lasting over something that looks hip and trendy like what the celebs are kitting out their dogs in, but which you don’t really need. Get an elevated dog feeder if your pet is going to be on the taller side – small bowls pose an immense strain on your dog’s neck and shoulder muscles as he stoops to eat from his bowl.

A dog bed can be a regular comfy bed that’s just the rights size for your dog. If you’re getting an older dog, get an orthopedic dog bed, to soothe those tired muscles and joints.

Don’t spend too much on toys. Dogs don’t really care how much you spend on their toys. A few simple and inexpensive pieces will do fine. No matter how many toys you buy him, you can rest assured he’ll still chew on your slippers.

Go slow on the cutesy clothes. Your first few days with the dog should be a time for bonding and for him to become comfortable in your home. If you go trying to kit her out in dresses and sweaters, you risk confusing her even more. Give it a few days and once she’s more comfortable around the house, you can begin to indulge her in style!

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