How to Use a New Dog Backpack

You can go along with your loved dog on outdoor vacations and enjoy the fun the family does such as going camping, hiking or just experience the great outdoors with other happening events. Many people like to have their dog carry some of the gear, which does indeed relieve the stress on their own backs. So if your dog happens to be a big dog and you are bringing him along on the next outing, thinking about buying his own dog backpack.

Many dog owners make the mistake of putting a dog backpack on their dog for the very first time only minutes before a hike, loading it up with stuff, and then expecting the dog to be happy and comfortable. The more you practice with either dog back, the happier your dog will probably be on the hike. So practice makes ideal.

The essential factor to remember when using dog backpack for the first time is that your dog will most likely not want to wear it. This is natural. So, some patience is required here. Give your dog at least a couple of days of practice initial. Check these out:

On the first day, put the pack on your dog with out the tightening the straps too much. They ought to be tight enough that your pet cannot get it off, but not as tight as it would need to be if had to bear weight. It will certainly help to praise your dog for wearing it. Plenty of loving attention assists. Leave it on for a couple of hours and then take it off.

Repeat it at the second day, but put the little dog backpack on a little tighter this time. Keep the straps loose enough for three fingers to slide under the straps effortlessly. Nevertheless, you need to have the ability to pull down on the pockets just a little without the backpack sliding around too much.

The third day should be a repeat of the second day, except this time, the dog backpack will have some weight in it. Try a couple of half filled water bottles or some kibble (in a zip-lock bag).

The fourth day should be the same as the third day, but this day will probably be a full weight day. The dog backpack should be left on for about an hour this time. This would be to get your pet accustomed to the weight.

Now your best friend ought to be prepared for a hike with a full pack. If you believe that a fifth day is essential, really feel totally free to leave the full pack on longer on that day.

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