Rendezvous Motel Catches Fire Near The Appalachian Trail In Pearisburg, VA  

Nearly 20 years ago during my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, I wandered in to Pearisburg, Virginia after hiking in the rain for ten miles.  The Rendezvous Motel was near the A.T. and it was a welcome break from the rain.  I'll spare you the details (which you can read about at this link), but the owners were very nice, shuttled us around the town, and even slackpacked us for a hike back to the motel the following day.  

Unfortunately, the motel caught fire last month and a nearby news station took a bunch of photos of the damage:,0,5934886.story

Here's a photo of the Rendezvous Motel during better times – taken on Friday, June 10, 1994.   After nearly 20 years, the sign remains the same. 

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