Winter – Once Again – At The Grand Canyon


I just returned from a trip to the Grand Canyon, and if you haven’t seen it – the winter is a great time to go.  There are fewer people, there’s no summer 100+ heat, and it’s fairly easy to book a room at the last minute – even on a weekend.

I made my first trip to the Canyon in 1996 during a three month cross-country roadtrip that put 17,000 miles on my car and had us touch all four corners of the Lower 48.  We arrived on the North Rim in mid-summer with 104 degree heat and mobs of people in every direction.  I’m embarrased to say that we didn’t hike a single mile on that trip.

When I returned to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago, snow lingered once again along the 7300′ rim at Shoshone Point.  And the canyon looked much as it did ten years earlier -massive, tranquil, and even dangerous as you stand on the unguarded rim.

Dogs are not allowed on backcountry trails, so plan on staying close to the rim and make sure you bring a leash.  Not only is it mandatory in Grand Canyon National Park, but is for your dog’s safety as well.  If you haven’t seen the Canyon – you owe it to yourself in this life.  It’s one of those fascinating places that (despite its great age) just never gets old.

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