A Book Review of – Best Hikes With Dogs New Hampshire and Vermont

Best Hikes With Dogs New Hampshire & Vermont By Lisa Densmore 2005 – The Mountaineers Books paperback 253 pages Guidebook/New England/Hiking Any dog loving hiker who lives in or plans to visit New Hampshire or Vermont would do well to consult this book by an Emmy award winning television producer and writer, Lisa Densmore. The […]

Video: Backpacking Sleeping Pads For You And Your Dog

Outdoor Gear: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Americans in the 21st century are obsessed with trying to live healthier lifestyles. Granted, the level of obsession varies according to individual and geographic location. Nevertheless, there is a marked trend toward healthful living, which in turn has inspired many people to adopt outdoor pursuits. Hiking, camping, boating, cycling-all are enjoyable activities that promote health […]

How To Buy Dog Gear For Your Hiking Dog

So, you’re welcoming a yelping, slobbering, panting and messy new member into the family? Congratulations! The next few months will be hard, but you’re all set to ride on the ride of a lifetime. Just like babies, dogs come with a sense of anticipation. No two dogs are ever alike even within the same breed […]

Trail Paws: The Rise Of Doggy Fashion

The rise of doggy fashion has seen all sorts of accessories become available for your pet. There are now hundreds of products on the market that you can treat your pet to, these include doggy clothes, doggy shoes and even fashionable dog backpacks. Dog fashion has become so popular, there are even fashion parades in […]

Why Your Pet Needs An Identification Tag On Your Next Backpacking Trip

Pet tags or pet identification tags are perhaps one of the most necessary dog accessories when you own a dog as a pet. A basic pet ID tag contains a pet’s full name and address and the owner’s name and phone number as well. These animal tags play an important role to identify your pet […]

How To Choose A Backpack For A Dog

Backpacking with your dog can be a wonderful experience. Whether you are going for a long summer hike or for an evening stroll around your local park, your dog should not be without a their own dog backpack. If you are going on a walk around your neighbourhood, your dog will need a different pack […]

Have Fun Camping With Your Dog

Have you ever thought about taking your dog camping? If not, you’re missing out. Dogs love the outdoors (unlike some of your more modernized, nit-picky family members and friends…). They won’t complain and they’re sure to have a great time. They won’t miss the television of the luxury of an air-conditioned home. Outdoors, a dog […]