Whitley Gap Shelter Photos – March 23, 2012

Here’s some photos from the Whitley Gap Shelter on the evening of  March 23, 2012.  There were lots of thru-hikers in the house – and the weather cleared in time for a great sunset.  Best wishes Class of 2012! BirdShooter A stormy start to the day.  It rained all morning and in to the afternoon.  The […]

There Is Magic On The Appalachian Trail

Spring is a special time on the Appalachian Trail.   Every year, 2000+ people show up at Springer Mountain (the official start of the A.T. in Georgia) to head north.  In 1994, I was one of those people – and ever since I pause for a moment to think about the next group to head […]

Spring Festivals On The Appalachian Trail – 2012

A while back, I subscribed to the ATC Southern Regional Office Newsletter to keep up on activities along the Appalachian Trail in the South.  In the March 2012 issue, it said …   With spring lurking around the corner, it’s an exciting time of year!  We hope you’ll join us for some of the many […]