Someone’s watching…

@BirdShooter94 out for a walk with the dog and look who was watching us!!!! #besthikeswithdogs

The Dog Rides A Slide!!!

The kids get Boone Dawg to ride the slide at a private park in N.C. – captured with the Doggie Cam.

Day Hiking The Big Acorn Nature Trail At Carters Lake

On New Year’s Eve this year, we decided to get some exercise in advance of a night of consumption and calories.  Carter’s Lake was conveniently located near our cabin in Ellijay, so we drove around the 3,200 acre lake and found the visitor’s center. The lady at the counter was very friendly and after our kids named every […]

Video Of Steven Ainsworth’s Helicopter Rescue In The Smokies

In early November, I posted an article about an Appalachian Trail southbound thru-hiker that was rescued in the Smokies after riding out Hurricane Sandy.  Steven Ainsworth battled record snowfall and survived for three days before calling 911 for help.  Here’s footage and some commentary from the HuffPost on the helicopter rescue:   Tennessee Highway Patrol […]

Tennessee Appalachian Trail Buffer: Rocky Fork Into Public Ownership

The Nashville Business Journal reported last month that there is a new State Park in Tennessee. The 2036 acre park is located near the A.T. in the Northeastern part of the State and provides an additional buffer against development in this area.  The transfer of Rocky Fork into public ownership has been a goal of […]

Classic …. although old Rebel would’ve had that ball by now

Classic – although old Rebel would’ve had that ball by now: Source: via Gayle on Pinterest

Andrew Skurka “Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide” Video

This is basically an advertisement for Andrew Skurka’s new book “The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide,” but it’s well done – enough to share it. I gotta interview this guy for a podcast some day. He has to have some great stories to tell.

Thru-Hiking – What I Really Do

These “What I Really Do” templates are everywhere these days and now I understand why.  There’s actually a template for them on the web.  A hiking friend recently sent me this one, and I have to say that they nailed it for Thru-Hiking.   Publish If you’ve ever hiked long distances on the Appalachian Trail, […]

Lake Winfield Scott Hike To The Appalachian Trail

This is the trailhead for The Jarrard Gap Trail that leads from Lake Winfield Scott to the Appalachain Trail. The Jarrard Gap Trail starts with a hike through a forest and across a small stream, but quickly hits a forest road for about 0.3 miles.  Boone was enjoying the hike. After 1.2 miles I reach the […]

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike 1994

Here is a video slideshow of my 1994 Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail. I mixed the video two years later in Charlotte, NC using an old VHS camera and a mic/mixing system from the Video Editor. The technology is archaic by today’s standards but it captured the moment at the time. The slideshow clocks in […]