There Is Magic On The Appalachian Trail

Spring is a special time on the Appalachian Trail.   Every year, 2000+

people show up at Springer Mountain (the official start of the A.T. in

Georgia) to head north.  In 1994, I was one of those people – and ever since

I pause for a moment to think about the next group to head North.




This year, I had a friend making the annual pilgrimage and drove across town

to meet Scott “Zip” Willits on 3/16/12.  We met up at his sister’s house in

metro-Atlanta, and it was a beautiful spring day – the kind that makes you

want to skip work.  We had some beers, worked on reducing his pack weight,

then talked of the adventures to come.  The Mojo was strong, so I met him

five days later at Whitley Gap Shelter in North Georgia.


There is magic on the trail and it is hard to explain.  If you are lucky

enough to experience it, then you know what I am saying.  Yet some things

are more easily understood through photos and video …  so I’ll let them

do the talking.  Best wishes 2012 thru-hikers!





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